"A True Committment of Sharing and Caring In Faith Yields Much"
Offering: A Unique Family and Caregiver CONNECT Resource, designed to Lower
the Cost of In-Home Respite and Personal Care Services.
Caregivers (Click Here)
INCREASE Hourly Compensation Rate
by negotiating directly with Families, instead of
working for an agency.
Families (Click Here)
DECREASE your Direct Care cost by
negotiating directly with a Certified and
Qualified Caregiver in your area.
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Service fees may be based on a sliding scale, subject to household income and ability to pay.
Grant waivers may be available for clients diagnosed with Stroke or Memory-Related condition.
Our Mission Statement
Assist Clients in maintaining a respectable level of functionality in their home environment.
Stimulate the Client's level of self-esteem and perspective.
Encourage Client independence and self-sufficiency, whenever possible.
Enable Clients to continue living at home, to delay and avoid institutionalization as long as possible.
Provide Family Caregiver Support, Counsel and Relief.
Nurture the Client's Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual well-being.
Consistently provide the highest level of quality care without regard to race, color, religion,
age, origin, level of disability or income.